European Forex Trading Guide

What is different in ZuluTrade EU?

ZuluTrade is changing for EU residents in accordance to EU legislation, aiming to increase investor protection and reduce systemic risk.

Certain aspects of ZuluTrade services are different for clients trading in accordance to EU legislation (EU residents or holders of Brokers collaborating with ZuluTrade EU). Please see below for details.

Logging in for the first time

Before using our services you need to fill in a Suitability Questionnaire – it is quick and easy to complete!

Please click here for a preview of the Suitability Questionnaire.

Performance Page

Performance Page is different for ZuluTrade EU, as not all ZuluTrade Traders are available. In more detail:

Only the top-1000 Traders will be available for you to follow, provided that they comply with certain criteria (Max DD less than 30%, average pips per trade more than 3 pips, Trader has been trading for at least 12 weeks). Please check our Trader Guide for more details.

Any Traders currently added to your Portfolio that are non-compliant with the criteria or with a ZuluRank below the top-1000 will automatically be disabled in your Portfolio. Note that you will still receive update and closing signals for any currently open trades, but no new trades will open from such Traders.

Settings Page

  • ZuluGuard™ Capital Protection

    Each Trader at your portfolio needs to be protected by ZuluGuard™ Capital Protection. Once your allowance is reached, ZuluGuard™ will take action Close all Trader's open positions and Disable the Trader from your portfolio.
    The maximum accumulated Capital Allowance for all Traders across your entire portfolio cannot exceed your overall risk allowance (no more than 75% of your available balance).

Additionally for Forex accounts
  • Max Open lots per trade

    There is an upper limit restriction on the maximum lots per trade for each Trader, based on your settings, Capital Allowance and Trader statistics.

  • Lots per currency

    Lots cannot be customized separately for each currency pair

Deposit / Withdrawal policy update

With every new deposit or withdrawal you will need to re-set your maximum Capital Allowance.

Terms Of Service

ZuluTrade for EU residents is operated by Triple A Experts SA - EU Regulated, Licence # 2/540/17.2.2010.

You can review the Terms of Service for ZuluTrade EU here.